DemandTools – Downloads & Trials

Please review the DemandTools 2.81 release notes for all the exciting new features and to determine which version, 32bit or 64bit, is compatible with your system.

Converting Leads is even easier with the new Lead Conversion module in DemandTools 2.8. This module allows mass conversion of Leads without creating duplicate Contacts and Accounts, all in one pass!

Additional features include:

  • Improvements to populate lookup fields based on external ID on Upsert
  • New Find Field/Limit Objects options
  • Ability to select Leads from a specific Campaign, even filter by Campaign Status
  • Ability to convert Leads from CRMfusion’s DupeBlocker Lead to Contact or Lead to Account Warnings
  • Ability to read in a spreadsheet with Lead and matching Contact or Account ID’s
  • Multiple Contact and Account matching steps in a single pass
  • Option to avoid creating duplicate NEW Accounts by matching Lead fields prior to conversion
  • Customizable creation of Opportunities during conversion
  • Robust results grid featuring grouping capabilities, conversion statistics, match report by step, and inline editing
  • Flexible scheduling options including JUST exporting the results, JUST populating the AccountID on the Lead record, or fully processing the conversion
  • and more!

The standard DemandTools trial is 5 days long and is fully functional except for the fact that duplicates may only be found in the trial version,  and not actually merged together at the data center. The trial time period and functionality is controlled by our authentication servers, you may request trial extensions and full functionality testing without changing client software by contacting our sales department.

Installation Instructions for DemandTools

DemandTools is a .NET client-based application that Salesforce administrator’s install on their Microsoft Windows computer.  Please refer to the installation instructions  for system requirements based on the current production version.

Good luck on your trial, we are here to help in case you need us at 1-800-961-8205 or at