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4.9 ★★★★★ out of 5

  • Awesome! Why didn’t we get it sooner?!

    We just decommissioned another data management tool and switched over to Demand Tools. What can I say except awesome! CRM Fusion really knows how to arm system admins with a powerful intuitive tool that’s flexible, easy to use, and obliterates duplicates. The scoring method is great and the Cleaned Account Name mapping type makes it super convenient to identify problem areas. I wish I had Demand Tools for prior data migrations, but now I feel like I’ve got an ally in data management. I already recommended it to a colleague in a competing firm. DT rocks!

    Review date: December 15th, 2015

  • For Implementation and beyond – DemandTools is a life saver

    DemandTools is one of those applications, once you use it, you will wonder what you ever did without it. When marketing or sales wants to change how a field should be recorded, and they want to go back and change all the data in a particular field, you will smile and say no problem, and let DemandTools do the work for you.

    Review date: October 20th, 2014

  • Every day essential tool!

    Prior to me taking over my current org, for the past 6 years there had never been a full time admin. I don’t need to tell you how bad the data was.

    DemandTools has changed all that. Between utilizing the de-duping tools for cleanup and the MassImpact/MassEffect tools for extracting/reloading/updating data, I have whipped our data into shape.

    Most days I open up DemandTools at the beginning of the day and don’t shut it down for the rest of the day because I use it so much. Data extracts to send to other systems, loading data into custom objects that I have built, mass account team moves & changes, cleaning up and standardizing data due to process changes, etc. DemandTools does it all much better than using the ApexLoader or Excel Connector. DB Out of the box, the built in scenarios can prevent dupes if your business process is very rigid. We have somewhat messed up rules in our ERP system which require new dupe accounts to be built for things like multiple currency or divisional billing so I had to work on the scenarios to make them work for us. If you are used to using DemandTools it is a very easy transition to modify the rules though.

    Once I got them dialed in, the system absolutely blocks the unwanted dupes. Now if I could just get SF to allow us to make address fields mandatory, life would be perfect……..

    I can’t say enough about the great support I get from CRMFusion.

    Review date: April 14th, 2009

  • Couldn’t live without!

    I maintain a 300+ user org that currently has over 1m leads, with 40k net new leads added every month, and I do all of my imports with PeopleImport. It’s advanced filtering / scenario creation is phenomenal, and I know that the leads I put in will not be duplicates. Additionally- PeopleImport actually allows you to mass add Leads/Contacts to a Campaign without having a corresponding Record ID in Salesforce. Imagine being given a list of email addresses and being told you need to add them to a Marketing Campaign in Salesforce. You would have to export your leads/contacts, do a VLOOKUP on email address, etc… It’s messy. PeopleImport makes it simple. DemandTools (laurie 1/9/2012) Couldn’t live without I do not know how I did my job without this tool. DemandTools (and the entire CRMFusion suite of products, for that matter) has saved me a tremendous amount of time

    I use DemandTools to do everything from data lookups, to filtered and scheduled updates. It’s extremely powerful, and the fact that you can schedule jobs is amazing.

    I actually have Windows installed on my Mac for the sole purpose of running DemandTools. It’s that good.

    Review date: January 9th, 2012

  • Data Cleaning, Help Solve Admin Mysteries and Import/Export/Data Compare like never before

    DemandTools not only helps cleanse and normalize data it can also be used a tool to help solve the odd request from end users. I regularly get update lists from users without an ID and I’m able to match and add the updates with DemandTools. I highly recommend this tool! It’s a great buy with a lot of product, great support and the cost is not extraordinary.

    Review date: February 4th, 2016

  • Great data management tool and even better service!!!

    Our company has been using DemandTools and absolutely love it. This tool allows our business to clean and merge data using a whole spectrum of custom scenarios. This tool is one of the main reasons we now have a SCV across our CRM. Moreover, the support we have had from the Customer Success Team (you know who you are) has been impressive and will ensure that we renew for many years to come. Our conclusion is that this tool is a must for all businesses who want a clean and user friendly CRM.

    Review date: July 23rd, 2013

  • Incredible product DemandTools is an absolute necessity for any salesforce power user.

    I use it every day, and literally could not do my job without it. The amount of time it has saved me is incredible.


    • All-in-one tool for maintaining a clean salesforce environment
    • Handles thousands of records quickly
    • Extremely responsive and knowledgeable customer support
    • Cheap (relative to the value it provides)


    • Broad range of capabilities implies a learning curve
    • User interface can be quirky until you get used to it Very satisfied customer.

    PeopleImport: PeopleImport is a great product. It lets us control dupes before they even enter the system. The product has a ton of features and is flexible enough to handle pretty much any scenario. If you own DemandTools, there’s no excuse for not using PeopleImport, and if you don’t own DemandTools, you should buy it now.

    Review date: December 4th, 2012

  • Data Management Rock Star; Productivity Booster

    Before we implemented DemandTools, we had to have a team that was dedicated solely to data manipulation and territory management. With a large amount of tradeshow leads, web to lead forms, marketing campaigns, and current customer data needing to be updated constantly, DemandTools allowed us to complete projects in mere minutes as compared to several days beforehand.

    The on-boarding process was a breeze, and their customer success team sets a new benchmark for industry standards. I know that any small question or tutorial that I need will be answered almost instantaneously.

    I am relieved in the increase in productivity that this tool has allowed, and could not imagine ever going back to other methods. DemandTools saves us an immeasurable amount of overhead hours, and keeps our company data clean and accurate.

    Review date: March 15th, 2016

  • Both DemandTools and PeopleImport are amazing tools.

    I have saved hundreds of hours importing data for campaigns while keeping data integrity high by ensuring duplicates are not imported to our database. I have saved countless hours fixing existing records using prebuilt scenarios such as; the North American phone fix. I quit using DataLoader, JitterBit, etc. all together because I found that the speed and flexibility of this product covers everything from updates to uploads of 10K contacts. Well worth the money and investment to your business. Thanks CRMfusion. The Happy Administrator

    Review date: September 9th, 2013