DupeBlocker – Resources

DupeBlocker Scenario Deployment Screen

Screenshot showing a wide variety of different deduplication scenarios running inside the Salesforce database.

Notice the different actions that can be triggered when duplicates are found.

Developing a DupeBlocker Scenario

Screenshot shows the creation of a deduplication scenario in detail.

Scenarios involve selecting which sub-set of objects (Accounts, Contacts or Leads) that the scenario applies to.

Duplicates are found using the same advanced matching algorithms that are found in our other products to maximize duplicates found.

What the user sees when trying to enter a record that DupeBlocker knows is a duplicate

The result of a user attempting to enter a record into Salesforce that is discovered by a DupeBlocker scenario set to “Do not Insert” i.e. Block Record

If the system administrator did not want to take such a rigid approach they could decide to warn the user or warn another individual altogether that a duplicate has been created.


DupeBlocker features advanced merging and converting tools

The DupeBlocker tools for merging and converting Salesforce records removed many of the limitations of Salesforce merge tools.

DupeBlocker Dashboard

DupeBlocker Dashboards

DupeBlocker also ships with a full compliment of dashboards including ones that show how many duplicates have been blocked, how many have been automatically merged etc.

The dashboards also point out where / who is responsible for duplicate creation.