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4.9 ★★★★★ out of 5

  • Exciting new transition!!

    Although we utilize Marketo for some of our list imports, we are beginning to see the benefit of using PeopleImport for all imports. PeopleImport lets us take a tradeshow list and compare it against our existing data, at the time of import and avoid excess time in manually checking if the records already existing as Contacts, Leads or Accounts. With the complex matching logic we can compare on much more than just email address and avoid creating duplicates! Being able to add campaign information and tasks is an added bonus.

    Review date: October 21st, 2015

  • I maintain a 300+ user org that currently has over 1m leads, with 40k net new leads added every month, and I do all of my imports with PeopleImport. It’s advanced filtering / scenario creation is phenomenal, and I know that the leads I put in will not be duplicates. Additionally- PeopleImport actually allows you to mass add Leads/Contacts to a Campaign without having a corresponding Record ID in Salesforce. Imagine being given a list of email addresses and being told you need to add them to a Marketing Campaign in Salesforce. You would have to export your leads/contacts, do a VLOOKUP on email address, etc… It’s messy. PeopleImport makes it simple. DemandTools (laurie 1/9/2012) Couldn’t live without I do not know how I did my job without this tool. DemandTools (and the entire CRMFusion suite of products, for that matter) has saved me a tremendous amount of time.

    I use DemandTools to do everything from data lookups, to filtered and scheduled updates. It’s extremely powerful, and the fact that you can schedule jobs is amazing.

    I actually have Windows installed on my Mac for the sole purpose of running DemandTools. It’s that good.

    Review date: January 9th, 2012

  • PeopleImport – another great tool from a great company!

    If like us you import data files into the Salesforce and would like to avoid creating duplicates then PeopleImport is the tool for you. You can run this file against Leads, Contacts and Accounts with confidence that no duplicates will be created.

    The tool (similar to DemandTools and DupeBlocker) allows the user to set-up each scenario in a way that is unique to their company. What’s great about this tool is that it is so intuitive that anybody could use it.

    Another great feature is the restore function! Any “accidents” can be easily fixed, though this is unlikely as before you import the data into the system you can preview the records being imported against the potential duplicates. This tool is highly recommended.

    Review date: July 23rd, 2013

  • Great tool for anyone who manages contact or lead imports in SalesForce

    I’d highly recommend PeopleImport. It’s my job to add new contacts and leads to our SalesForce, while making sure that I am not creating duplicates and merging matching or updating existing contacts and leads. I am able to use PeopleImport to successfully do complex imports, that consider a range of different matching criterial. PeopleImport also allows me to save these different complex scenarios so that I can quickly access them when I am doing a similar import. The Help Documents, Email Support and Video Tutorials provide me with the support I need whenever questions arise. I’d recommend PeopleImport for anyone that manages their SalesForce data and is continually adding data from external sources.

    Review date: December 2nd, 2015

  • PeopleImport: PeopleImport is a great product. It lets us control dupes before they even enter the system. The product has a ton of features and is flexible enough to handle pretty much any scenario. If you own DemandTools, there’s no excuse for not using PeopleImport, and if you don’t own DemandTools, you should buy it now.

    Review date: December 4th, 2012

  • People Import This is a great tool!

    I have to load leads from our trade shows into Salesforce. I get them in a .csv format.Without PeopleImport this could be very difficult and produce all sorts of duplicates.

    Also, I have had a new rep start and want to add his/her list of contacts into Salesforce. This is another situation that could produce duplicates. PeopleImport makes this so much easier!! Great Product!! Keep up the good work!

    Review date: December 12th, 2012

  • Both DemandTools and PeopleImport are amazing tools.

    I have saved hundreds of hours importing data for campaigns while keeping data integrity high by ensuring duplicates are not imported to our database. I have saved countless hours fixing existing records using prebuilt scenarios such as; the North American phone fix. I quit using DataLoader, JitterBit, etc. all together because I found that the speed and flexibility of this product covers everything from updates to uploads of 10K contacts. Well worth the money and investment to your business. Thanks CRMfusion.

    The Happy Administrator

    Review date: September 9th, 2013