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Use MassImpact's Object Count feature to find clients that need extra support  


Olivia Hinkle
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February 12, 2018 4:32 pm  

A quarterly review of Case volume can help identify users with a high case count who may not be aware of all available support channels, could benefit from some extra training or need some specific one on one help to get them over the hurdle keeping them from success.

In the example below, we are using MassImpact’s Object Count feature to identify Contacts with a high case volume last quarter. Once we have this information we can easily see who needs nurturing and act on providing support.



To use the attached the scenario in your installation of DemandTools:

  • Save the scenario to the default MassImpact Scenario file path (Documents\DemandToolsData\MassImpact Scenarios) or a place of your choice
  • Access the MassImpact module
  • Click Load Scenario and select the scenario, Contacts with high Case volume last quarter

Below are detailed setup instructions for the attached scenario.

Optional Salesforce Setup:

  • Create a custom field on the Contact Object to store the count.
    • Field used in the example: Case count last quarter.
    • Note: A custom field is not required as the results do not have to be pushed into Salesforce. Some users opt to export the counts only.

MassImpact Setup

MassImpact Screen 1:

  • Select Contact as the object to use
  • Select the fields to show on the results grid
    • Fields chosen in example: Account Fields: ID & Name; Contact Fields: Email, First Name, Last Name & Case Count Last Quarter

MassImpact Screen 2:

  • Create a condition to specify which Contacts to include in the process
    • To include all Contacts, use condition ID != (leave the value box blank)
    • Condition used in example: ID != (leave the value box blank)
  • Choose the Field to Update
    • If a custom field was created to populate with this count, select that field as the field to update
    • If gathering this count for export only, any field may be chosen as the results will never be processed, only exported
    • Field used in example: Case Count Last Quarter
  • Click on the Object Count tab
    • Select the Cases object
    • Check the Limit by where condition checkbox & click the Edit Where Condition button
    • Create condition, CreatedDate = LAST_QUARTER, Click the Add Condition button, Click the OK button
  • Click the Add to Set Conditions button

MassImpact Screen 3:

  • Export the results to a spreadsheet or Process counts to update the Case Count Last Quarter/Custom field
    • Export Only, no processing into Salesforce: Click the Export Grid Data button
    • Process into Salesforce: Click the Update Records button

Images of MassImpact setup:




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