DemandTools – Pricing & Ordering

Subscription Options for DemandTools

DemandTools is sold as an annual subscription. All modules are packaged together and sold as the DemandTools suite. Modules cannot be individually purchased.

Customers are given two options to calculate their annual subscription costs for DemandTools and are able to choose which ever pricing model is most suitable for their organization’s needs. All pricing is in USD.

Named Administrator Pricing

The first subscription plan is designed for larger accounts and is referred to as Named Administrator pricing. With this subscription each purchased named administrator can use DemandTools with their companies Salesforce databases for a period of one year. Base pricing for named administrator is $5750 / year with a 50% discount ($2875) for each additional administrator in the same organization. In the first year only there is a $500 fee for DemandTools setup as well as a custom 2 hour web based training program delivered to your administrators. Technical support, software updates, new versions and are all included.

Named Administrator Pricing
Number of Salesforce Administrators Annual Subscription Fees
One $ 5,750
Two $ 8,625
Three $ 11,500
Four $ 14,375
Five and above Please Call

Small – Mid Size Salesforce Customer Discount Pricing

The second subscription plan is designed for our smaller and mid sized accounts and is referred as Small-Mid Discount pricing.

With this subscription we use your TOTAL Salesforce number of licenses in order to calculate a discount from the $5750 base price per year. (our pricing is based upon 100 users)

A Salesforce customer with only 10 seats is eligible to receive a 90% discount from the base price. In their charter year there is a $500 fee for custom web based training and DemandTools setup. This pricing model provides an UNLIMITED number of administrators a license to use DemandTools.

Formula for calculating price of the Small-Mid Discount

Annual Fee for DemandTools = (Total number of SFDC licenses x $57.50) +$500 (first year only)

Small-Mid Discount Example Pricing
Number of Salesforce Licenses (Total) Annual Subscription Fees including setup fee
5 $ 787.50
30 $ 2,225
80 $ 5,100
130 $ 7,475

Ordering Information

Please contact our sales group by calling 1-800-961-8205 or by emailing

Currently there is no online purchasing for DemandTools, we apologize for any inconvenience.