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DemandTools for

DemandTools for AppExchange - The Salesforce Administrators Power Tool

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DemandTools for AppExchange is the leading data quality toolset for CRM centric customers.

Essentially DemandTools for AppExchange is a suite of 11 individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import and generally manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

DemandTools is designed to work in the developer, professional, ultimate and enterprise versions of Salesforce.

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DemandTools is currently installed at over 5000 customer locations in 21 different countries.

DemandTools Capabilities

DemandTools is an enterprise capable suite of data quality modules designed for Salesforce administrators. DemandTools contains modules for data deduplication, normalization, standardization, comparison, verification, import, export, mass delete to name a few. These modules have been designed to work on massive data sets at the most sophisticated Salesforce installs around the world. DemandTools can be operated in a manual mode but also in a 100% scheduled unattended mode for large batch jobs.

Much more than just duplicate removal, DemandTools is all about overall administrator productivity when working with Salesforce data.

DemandTools is sold as an annual subscription and is a ever growing suite of data quality modules.

As an added bonus DemandTools customers also receive at least 1 complimentary subscription to one of our other Salesforce products called PeopleImport .

Please make sure to browse the DemandTools Detail page for a detailed description of each module.

Pricing can be found here.

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Customer Reviews

Demand Tools Saves Us Many Hours of work.
Rick Rudeen, Gateway Inc.

"...The estimated time saved by using this tool in 2005 for merging and re-assigning records was 2050 hours (256 days). Merge duplicate accounts – 10.000+ Merge duplicate contacts – 90,000+ Merge duplicate leads – 20,000 + Mass re-assign open opportunities – 3,000+ Time saved updating Fields: 1069 hours saved (133 days)"

Excellent Data Management Tool
Brenda Buckner, RSM McGladrey

" ...Very good tool to de-duplicate accounts, contacts, and leads quickly and accurately. Instead of spending hours manually merging records in salesforce, with a couple clicks and a few minutes you can merge hundreds of records. As a data manager, I couldn't work without this tool."

Great Tool for System Administrators
Fritz Brusch, Nuance Communications

I have been a project manager and system administrator since 2003. I have used DemandTools since 2004 and just renewed the contract. This is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs an efficient way to clean and modify data. I periodically use Demandtools to identify and merge duplicate records. You know how time consuming this can be when done within Furthermore, Demandtools lets me easily update thousands of records, e.g. standardize addresses, change record ownership, or update opportunity records. Demandtools save me valuable time – this is an investment worth every penny.