Real Time De-duplication software across ALL objects(Opportunities & Custom too!) within Salesforce

DupeBlocker is a data de-duplication tool that was developed to complement the existing Salesforce data quality tools developed by CRMfusion Inc which are  used by over 5000 Salesforce administrators worldwide, DemandTools and PeopleImport. While DemandTools cleans duplicates out of Salesforce (among the 100’s of other things DemandTools does) and PeopleImport stops duplicates from being imported (such as from a trade show list), DupeBlocker stops the users from being able to create duplicates in REAL time, as well as web lead dupes, SFDC to SFDC dupes and more.

100percentforceUsed by thousands of Salesforce organizations worldwide, DupeBlocker is the only ENTERPRISE capable real time duplicate solution. DupeBlocker works even in the worlds largest databases. Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and even Custom Object duplicates can be prevented.

Administrators install DupeBlocker directly into their Salesforce instance via the AppExchange and access the tool via the DupeBlocker application within Salesforce. Once installed, DupeBlocker allows for custom duplicate searching scenarios to be developed. Every time a user enters or edits a record these scenarios will instantly search for potential duplicates.

The administrator decides while building scenarios whether to stop the record from being inserted /updated or to just send the user a warning message. Included with DupeBlocker are a suite of prebuilt scenarios that use our great matching algorithms (the same ones from DemandTools) to match mismatched data.

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Please take a moment to watch the introduction video available in the Resources Section